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At Savvi Buys Houses, premiere home buyer in Carrollton and North Texas, we have the reputation as the best value out of all the home buying companies. We offer superior service across the entire Carrollton / TX area. We’re not that one size fits all company. We are working to provide custom solutions to all our Carrollton residents. Savvi Buys Houses offers a free consultative process which enables the most efficient home sale for our customers.

We’re not agents. We’re the buyer that’s buying your Carrollton home.

Better than agents, we’re full-time problem solvers at your service. We provide free resources to thousands of homeowners like our free photo service, where we come take 120+ high definition photos of your home to help your buyers get a better look. If you need to move locally, we offer that free as well. Carrollton Texas location: 2709 Spyglass Dr, Carrollton TX 75007

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customer service should not be a department. it should be the entire company

According to Bankrate, The last thing consumers should have to worry about is a scam when they sell or owner finance a home or refinance a mortgage. Unfortunately, criminals are getting more creative in how they target homeowners, leading to significant financial headaches for their unsuspecting victims.

In 2018 alone, 11,300 victims reported real estate or rental fraud, amounting to 149 million dollars – according to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

“Many people are too embarrassed to file complaints, making it harder to catch the scammers who repeatedly victimize unwitting homeowners and home buyers,” says Melinda Opperman, executive vice president of community outreach and industry relations with

Is selling a home in Carrollton Safe?

When asked this question to Carrollton homeowners, 98% agreed they would be cautious of scams due to the increase in direct mail scams, telemarketing scams, and home scams in the area.

One local Carrollton resident stated they had been receiving mail postcards saying they had missed a package delivery. When they called in, the scammer was trying to gather personal information regarding their home mortgage and social security.

Avoiding The Cash For Home Scam.

  1. Do some research. Most companies have been around for 15 minutes, and some just moved into town. Trust cash home buyers that are experienced and can help you throughout the process.
  2. Follow through. You have a lot of options; you don’t know about them until you take action and call a reputable home buyer like Savvi Buys Houses. We’ve been doing this home thing for a while, and we like hearing about homes that might be available for sale.
  3. Close at a reputable title company. Savvi Buys Houses only partners with the best title companies in Texas so that we can continue to bring A+ service to our beautiful clients.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage

The local home buyers Savvi Buys Houses® Sell My Home is based in Carrollton, TX, and serves all the beautiful cities of Texas. If you own a home, you’re thinking of selling give us a call at (972) 556-6927. Even if you’re late on the mortgage and the lender is contacting you, we can help. We work with homeowners and buy their homes and pay off all existing taxes, liens, and mortgages. If you want to find out how much you will be receiving at the closing, we can open the title at our local reputable title company and request a HUD. We will need you to call your bank or lender and ask for a payoff on your home. They will provide this through mail or email.

Pay Off Your Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)

If you currently have an outstanding home equity line of credit, just like the outstanding mortgage balance, it would be paid off when you sell your home to Savvi. HELOC’s can be a great tool if used correctly to add value to your home, but make sure the essential things are taken care of first. Home repairs can add up quickly.

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