“Where to Sell My Home”

You’d be shocked at the situations we’ve seen in the past.
Local In Carrollton Texas, here to help you find all the options for selling a single-family home.

Rest easy knowing Savvi Buys Houses has your home sale completely taken care of.

…Other house-buying websites are pawning your info off to out of the area investors. Us, we’re local… and YOU get an honest, fair CASH offer in HOURS.
Need To Sell Quickly? Here’s What We Do For You:

  • You’ll pay NO fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction out of our pocket.
  • We’ll buy your house in any condition, ugly or pretty. We can buy in any condition, regardless of what you OWE or if you’re in foreclosure…We can truly HELP you out of this situation!
  • We can get CASH in your hands within a few hours or days of you contacting us.  We can close super fast (usually within 7 days… sometimes sooner).

Whether you’re in foreclosure, going through a divorce, inherited a property you no longer want, or any other reason you just need to sell… we’ll make an offer on your house.  Just submit your property address to the right and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a fair all-cash offer. Talk to you soon, Savvi Buys Houses [Savvi Properties LLC]

Where to sell my home without repair?

Don’t fix it, sell it.

When you go put the work into fixing things so you can sell your home, you’re not guaranteed to get your money back. What if the buyer doesn’t like the updates? What if you pay to much for material then get ripped off on labor? It’s time to call Savvi Buys Houses.

Divorce, probate, tax liens, pre-foreclosure, bad situation, bad house, bad tenants, mold, fire damage, and much more.

When you need to sell your home as-is and fast, we can help. We’ve been purchasing homes all over Texas and just like yours. We take care of everything you need to sell a home.

  1. Free AS-IS Value Assessment.
  2. Free Comparable Sales In Your Neighborhood
  3. Fair Cash Offer
  4. Closing At A Local Title Company
  5. All Closing Cost Paid By Buyer (us)
  6. Wire Transfer or Cashiers Check available

Sell My Home To A Local Top-Rated Company In Carrollton TX

where to sell my home

How to sell my home in pre-foreclosure?

Have you received a letter from your mortgage company or lender letting you know you’re behind on payments? Many owners wait until it’s too late and about to go to foreclosure auction before making the call to us. Make the call earlier and get all the options upfront from Savvi Buys Houses. We buy houses but we also provide free information to homeowners on how they can get out of pre-foreclosure, and the steps to take going forward.

How to sell my inherited home?

Inherited homes are often tricky. First, you will want to make sure you are able to sell the home. You will need to check for any outstanding liens or mortgages and make sure the home has a clear title that can be transferred. We’ll be able to help you out with all of that when you contact us.

How to sell my home in a slow market?

Even if the market is slow, you can still sell your home regardless of the condition or the situation you are in. We see many owners that were discouraged from selling but then called Savvi Buys Houses and got a fair call cash offer that closed in 7 days. That’s the power of Savvi.

How to sell my home without a Realtor?

The search queries on Google for “selling a home without a realtor” is up 40% since January 2019. The 6% commission is more than a lot of homeowners are willing to pay to sell their home so choosing an alternative like Savvi Buys Houses and selling your home for a fair cash price oftentimes outweighs selling with a realtor.

How to sell my home as-is for cash?

  1. Call us or submit your address and we’ll call you right away.
  2. We’ll ask for some basic information about your homes as-is condition.
  3. We’ll schedule an appointment to come to visit you at your home.
  4. You’ll be presented with an all-cash offer to sell your home as-is for cash.


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