How To Sell My Home Now In Grapevine Texas

Sell My Grapevine Home AS-IS Now For Cash.

You’ll pay $0 in commission, $0 Closing Cost, and you choose the closing date.

Have you been considering selling your Grapevine home? Get a real offer you can trust in 24-48 hours from one of our own Savvi Buys Houses representatives.

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Sell My Grapevine Home Now Without A Realtor.

Realtors don’t like when you say this.

When you pay a 3% seller commission, and you pay another 3% to a realtor agent, plus closing cost, the amount you receive can be much lower than the sale price. When Savvi Buys Houses makes an offer, you receive the full amount that we are offering (minus outstanding mortgages, liens, and taxes). There are certainly times it would make sense to use a realtor, that’s why we always say to hear all your options. In the end, the way you sell your home will be your decision.

Save Thousands Selling Your Grapevine Home AS-IS. Don’t Fix Anything.

Sell My Grapevine Home AS-IS Without Repair.

Fixing up without knowing the return is the last thing you want.

When it comes to the repair, you can leave it completely as-is. No need to spend another dollar on the property. Savvi Buys Houses purchases Grapevine Texas homes completely AS-IS, without repair. We take care of the closing cost as well so there will be no out of the pocket expense.

A Real Buyer Will Deposit Real Earnest.

Protect yourself from shady business with scammers.

Savvi Buys Houses always deposits earnest money with the local reputable Grapevine title company at the time of the offer being accepted. Make sure to sell your home to a buyer that deposits earnest and is trusted by the Better Business Bureau. 

Sell My Grapevine Home Even In Pre-Foreclosure.

Getting a cash offer early is the best way to be safe.

We’ve helped many Grapevine owners in pre-foreclosure before it was too late. Did you know a homeowner actually has more power than they know of in the situation of defaulting on the mortgage? Don’t wait like most do to find out all your options. The longer you wait to sell your home the fewer options you will have.

I Inherited A Home In Grapevine.

If you have unwanted property, you could receive a handsome amount for it from a Grapevine cash investor. Savvi Buys Houses buys houses in Grapevine Texas, and is looking to purchase a few more right now. We’d love to hear your story and how you ended up with the property. 

I’m Relocating And I Need To Sell Fast In Grapevine

Have peace of mind when you trust Savvi Buys Houses to buy your home quickly so you can keep taking care of the important things. In moving, the last thing you want is a bad buyer when you’ve already made other means of living. It can be a major financial problem in some cases we’ve seen, and we’re more than happy to buy your home if you’re relocating.

Sell My Home Now

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Free AS-IS Value Assesment And Offer

Find out just how much we’ll pay for your home.

Grapevine homeowners are loving the service Savvi Buys Houses provides. Our company was founded in Dallas Texas and has locations throughout Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) and surrounding areas. Being a local home buyer allows us to quickly see in person the homes we are looking to make offers on which gives us a hands-on advantage compared to the national home buyers.

Sell Your Home Local

Most national home buyers won’t even consider seeing your home until you sign a legally binding contract. Not a great feeling being the homeowner. The reason homeowners allow this is because these sites offer more than the market value upfront and have contingency periods to lower the offer later. Don’t get sucked into these scams when you sell a home for cash. Know the options, deal with a trusted buyer and happy selling!



$0 Commission, $0 Fees. Honest & Transparent Info.

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What's your home is worth?

100% Guaranteed Sold. Same Day Highest Cash Offer‎. Locally Owned & Operated.
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