How to identify Foundation issues in my home.

Foundation issues in the home can occur for a variety of reasons such as exposure to the elements, poor plumbing, bad preconstruction, etc. In most cases, foundation issues can be recognized by:


  • Cracking occurs when the home experiences movement in the foundation. In areas with intemperate weather, such as Dallas, this is common.
  • These cracks will show on the walls, ceiling, floor, and even on the exterior of the home.
  • It is essential to seek out the advice of a local foundation expert, sub-contractor, or engineer in cases were cracking is getting worse over time.


  • If the doors are having trouble opening and closing with ease, this could be a sign that the home is experiencing foundation damage. Properties with foundation types such as slab or pier and beam commonly encounter this issue.
  • Specifically, if the doors are scrapping the top of the door frame or the bottom of the floor, this could mean the house isn’t level due to foundation issues.
  • The issue could also be caused by water leakage. In this case, it would be advised to reach out to a licensed plumber to have them perform a hydraulic plumbing test.


  • Uneven or dipping floorboards are a good sign that the foundation in the home is not leveled and may require professional attention. It may not only cause a problem when trying to sell the house but could also be a severe safety hazard for the current occupants of the home.

Built-in Addition

  • When built-in additions to the home such as cabinets, bookshelves, countertops, etc. begin to separate or angle away from the wall, this could be a sign of foundation damage. If the separation gets worse, this could be a sign of the foundation issue worsening, in which it would be advised to reach out to a local specialist immediately.

Do you need to fix your foundation before you sell your home?


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